Monday, October 22, 2012

1 Month Old!

My little angel baby is 1 month old! I can hardly believe it! I feel like he has always been apart of our lives. He is the sweetest little boy.

Here are a few thing about baby Ty.
- He is very "passionate" about eating.
- He sleeps through the night.
- He has been to many stores but doesn't even know because he sleeps everywhere we go.
- He weighs 11.4 lbs.
- He loves riding in the car.
- He's almost smiling at us.
- His umbilical cord fell off at 2 1/2 weeks.
- We went through 142 diapers in 2 1/2 weeks.
- He loves to cuddle.
- He gets excited when daddy comes home.

We love having this sweet baby in our home!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Lives Forever Changed <3

This is my little story all about how my little piece of heaven angel baby came to this world...

On Tuesday, September 18th, I packed my hospital bag, and stuck it in the car. I told Justin to be ready because I wasn't feeling "normal" and that I thought we were going to have a baby in the next 48 hours. In my head I was thinking 24 hrs, but I didn't want to freak him out. I went to work, and started having very irregular and extremely mild contractions. I told my boss I'd see him tomorrow, and his response was, " I hope not! You need to have that baby!" I just laughed and told him the same thing I told Justin, 48 hours.
Well I decided to go to Babies r Us on my way home to get a baby shower gift. I was planning on being at my best friends baby shower that Saturday. As I was walking in, the contractions were coming. I decided to quickly get a gift card and go home.
I went to bed around 9:00 and woke up at 2:30am thinking my water broke. I was having back labor (at this time they felt like menstrual cramps.) I got up and walked around. Went down stairs and started timing my contractions. I figured a half hour of consistent 3-5 mins apart and my water being broken was long enough. I woke up Justin and his response was, "are you kidding?!" I assured him I wasn't and we brushed our teeth, did the dishes (I wasn't in any hurry yet) had him give me a blessing, and we were off to Sutter Roseville.
They put me in triage and let me know, kindly, that I was mistaken and my water was not broken, but I had a lot of extra fluid (tmi?) I was only dilated to a 3, but my contractions were regular. They had Justin and I doing laps for about 45 mins. I got checked again, and was at a 4 with contractions coming faster. At 4am we had earned admittance!
My mom showed up around 6:30am and it was just a regular party. We were laughing and having a good time, when I realized my contractions had almost stopped. Mom and I did laps around the hospital and got my contractions going again. It was quite a sight to see I'm sure, mom and I strolling the halls with my IV in tow, and pausing to hold onto a wall while a contraction came and went. So at 9am my Dr made an executive decision and put me on pitocin. Mom and I started walking the halls again. I wanted this baby out! At 2:00pm I decided I had had enough of this madness. I was having serious back labor and my contractions were starting to make me cry. What was worse, I was still at a 4 and my water still hadn't broken! I called my nurse and told her I was ready for an epidural. I so badly wanted to do it all on my own, but I was crying because I was in a ridiculous amount of pain. My epidural was fantastic! It worked perfectly.
Right after my epidural was in and working, my nurse went to check me and my water broke all over her! I laughed so hard, and luckily so was she. She cleaned me up and in walked my dr to break my water. She had to break it to him that she beat him to it! At about 6:00pm I could feel the epidural wearing off. My back labor was back as a dull ache. I had no more fluid in the epidural pouch. The nurses came in to change the bag, but couldn't get it off! I was at a 9 and had 2 choices. I labor on without it and feel the urge to push when it was time, or we have the anesthesiologist come and give it to me locally so I didn't feel a thing. I opted for the first. I had originally wanted to do it all on my own, and this was my chance. I was still "numb" but I had back labor! At 7:00 my nurse had me start pushing. I pushed for an hour and 15 mins. I was at a 10, and my dr walks in and gets ready to go, and in another 15 mins and some good pushing, Tyler Garrett Mack arrived.
The feeling I felt after he arrived was incredible! Relief, pure joy, and a serious adrenaline rush are only a few ways to describe it. Justin was amazing through it all. He had been nervous that he would pass out, but was determined to be there. He did awesome! No nausea and he cut the cord! Holding my perfect baby was bliss. I've never experienced anything more amazing in my life. Looking at his little face confirmed 100 times over that this, being a mom, is exactly what I am supposed to be in life.
Ty came at 8:30pm on September 19th weighing a whopping 9lbs 15oz! and 21.5 inches long. Big boy! Everyone in the delivery room was shocked he was that big. The length was no surprise, but the weight! Just crazy! They say babies get bigger after the first one... Makes me a little nervous.
I'm extremely happy with how everything went, even if I did have horrible back labor. We feel so blessed to get to have Tyler in our lives. So lucky that our Heavenly Father decided that we could be this sweet spirit's parents. He's the perfect addition to our family!
Here's my perfect angel baby!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Baby!

I seem to be saying that a lot lately.


It's because we are having a baby!!!!
A baby BOY actually!

We're beyond excited for him to get here.
Although, I'm going to miss the sweet little nudges and kicks I get all day long.
(sometimes I feel like there's an earthquake in my belly)

I finally feel good.
I stopped getting sick at 26 weeks.
I can finally enjoy my baby.

I am 29 weeks and in my 3rd Trimester!
September will be here before we know it!
So crazy! So fun! So exciting! SO NERVE RACKING!

I feel like I don't have enough time anymore to get everything that I want to get done, done!

It's so fun to prepare for our little man!

I'll keep this updated. 
I'm really terrible at pictures. 
But hopefully I'll get better now that I have something constantly amazing to blog about!

Welcome Home!!!!!

2012 Brought us lots to celebrate!

The first being our new house!!!! 

 We absolutely LOVE IT!

Justin and I closed on our first house on February 14th (Happy Valentines Day to us!)
We loved it from the very first time we saw it.
It's located in a very quiet neighborhood in Lincoln, and it has a back yard!
None of this hallway backyard stuff, like a for real back yard. 
2 Cherry Trees
1 Plum Tree
1 Grapefruit Tree
1 Fig Tree (anyone like figs?)
1 Apple Tree,
1 Peach Tree
1 Nectarine Tree
1 Grapefruit Tree
1 Tree that we don't know what it does yet

Oh! and Pumpkins! and Artichokes, and Strawberries!

It's like Christmas every day!
We might have our hands full with the upkeep. 
Justin's been on it though. 

Before we moved in we ripped out carpet, baseboards, and linoleum downstairs, painted it a lovely shade of Creamy Mushroom, and painted the ceiling and new 5" baseboards white.

We then had Home Depot install new carpet.
My dad installed beautiful Wood Laminate flooring.
Put in new appliances (fridge, washer, dryer)
And we were in!

Closed in February, and were in by mid April.

We've just loved living there!
We've had a few mishaps (ceiling leaking from master shower, and sprinklers breaking), 
but it's been SO GREAT to have our own home. 

It's a perfect place to call ours and start a family! 

Blog... what?!

I'm a slacker blogger.
I shouldn't be.
I only work 4 hours a day,
and soooo many exciting things happened this year!
I don't even know where to begin!

I guess this blog will briefly be about my goal of 30 books in one year.

Well guess what!?
Yep! I'm pretty dang proud of myself. 

I mean, I did go from 10 hour work days the first half of the year, down to 2-4 hours a day the second half of the year. But whatever. I still exceeded my goal!

I'm seriously slacking this year.

I'm going to post a couple more things in a couple more posts. Seriously, I didn't think our 2012 could get better than 2011!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magic, Magic, Magic!!

Justin and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on April 18th! Time just goes so fast, I can hardly believe it!

For our special occasion we decided we needed a little trip...


It was amazing! It was a really quick trip, but worth every second.

Trip Outline:

Day 1: Fly to Orlando on Southwest... one plane change and 2 stops later
we dropped off everything at the hotel and went walking around Downtown Disney.
Found some food for our stomachs that only had eaten beef jerkey, red licorice, and
airplane munchies all day.

Day 2: Wake up at 7am and be ready to catch the bus to Disney at 8am.
Gates open at 9am, and we were off to Magic Kingdom to ride everything
we possibly could as fast as we could.

Day 2 1/2: Ride Monorail to Epcot. Experience half of Epcot to it's fullest
potential, and decide we need to come back in the morning to finnish the other half.
Jam over to Magic Kingdom for light show, and to ride the rides again until midnight.

End Day 2: Eat something because we're starving and hadn't eaten anything but
snacks all day long, and then crash in our hotel room with sore feet.

Day 3: Wake up at 7am, take bus to Epcot to finnish up, and then
go to Animal Kingdom to experience as much of that as possible (ie. hit all rides
and get SOPPING wet, and see 1 or 2 select shows.)

Day 3 1/2: As fast as possible leave Animal Kingdom and go to Disney Hollywood
Studio's to see what that's all about. Ride the rides, and then
go back to Epcot till close because we loved it SOOOO much!

End Day 3: Leave Epcot and go to Magic Kingdom for last time. See the light
parade and ride all the rides over and over AGAIN till midnight.
Go back to hotel and crash, again with very angry/sore feet.

Day 4: Wake up whenever we want. Grab late breakfast and
walk around Downtown Disney trying to find souvenirs (ended up with
playing cards {which is a must}, and 2 Christmas ornaments.)

Day 4 1/2: Catch bus to airport and fly Southwest back home with
3 stops.

End Day 4: Crash in our own bed.

Like I said, it was QUICK!!! But totally worth it. However, it's a long way to go, and we'll probably just stick with Disneyland on the west coast from now on. Neither one of us had ever been, and I hadn't been to anywhere Disney since 4th grade! We felt like little kids the whole time. It was a blast!!!

I love my honey and I'm so glad I get to spend Eternity with him.

Monday, February 28, 2011

30+ Books in 1 year

Well here it goes!

I am on a reading kick. I can thank Liz's husband, Bobby Green, for that. He mentioned that He wanted to read 30 books in 1 year, and I jumped on that band wagon! So far so good.

It's the last day in February, and I've already read the following:

- The Host
- The Hunger Games
- Catching Fire
- The Mockingjay
- Water For Elephants
- City of Bones

I started this whole thing about 2 weeks into January, so I'm averaging a book a week. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself. Six books in 6 weeks, no big deal. I have to read one book every week and a half... not to toot my own horn, but I'm a little ahead of that game. However, I am quickly running down my list of books to read.


Anything any of you have read or have wanted to read, please let me know! I've got a little list of about 6 more books, and I need at least 18 more! HA!

I added a book log on the side over there -->
I like it.
It lets anyone who reads this know what I've already read.

I'm enjoying my little escapade.

Wish me LUCK!